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My 8 year has a weight problem,can any one help?

I have tried every thing to help her without making her develope a complex.I do not want to push her too hard,I am scared with her so young she may develope a self complex and look down on herself.Please advise.

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    I don't know what all you've tried but some things we did in my house were to rid the house of junk food, take up more family activities like sports or even just outings where we walk around town, go clothes shopping, any activity! I was overweight as a child and i often felt depressed and an outsider. When my mom recognized the problems she didn't make it just about my weight. We did a lot of fun things together so I wasn't thinking of my weight. I took up dancing and started making new friends. I think the problem was my parents (and myself!) let me get bored, watch too much tv and eat whatever I wanted. If you're child isn't into sports then you could go to a museum or shopping where you do a lot of walking. Reconnect with them but keep the focus off their weight so they don't feel there is something wrong with them.Make sure they know you love them regardless of their weight, which of course you do, but kids don't always feel it.

    I still have a little bit of a complex but I never developed an eating disorder, which many people I know do have. I think you have the right approach with not giving her a complex that could lead to more problems. Talk to your doctor about what "normal" is for your child and ask them for advice too.

    Source(s): I was overweight as a kid.
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    I think my first step would be to get her a physical and make sure there isn't anything medically wrong that is causing her to gain weight...ex: a thyroid problem..etc. Also, you may want to get her involved in some kind of sport related activity...this way she will be moving and burning calories and having fun with it..(I wouldn't mention her doing that as a means to lose weight either). You may want to talk to her also...children can become depressed just like adults, and she could be using food for comfort. And last but not least...remove unhealthy food from the house...give her healthy food options and snacks. You may even suggest things like a walk in the park after dinner...., but most importantly always be positive and let her know you love her for her. Good luck

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    I would first suggest taking her to the Dr and haveing her checked out it is possible that there is a medical reason for her weight issues, if she is healthy I would find some sort of sport that the two of you can do together, parental bonding at that age is crutial, start slow and build your way up, cut out fast food that doesnt mean she cant have a treat once in a while, dont focus on her weight with her you dont want her to think that you will only love her if she is skinny do healthy things with her model healthy behaviors that will stick with her for alot longer than forcing a diet upon her

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    I advise you let her eat a balanced diet. You may decrease her food intake such as cutting heavy snacks and avoiding sweets and salty. But you must do this little by little. Her body may tend to react in the abruptness of this move. You can also look for a food exchange list. it maybe helpful. and also try her to enrol in a dance club, sports, or have regular walks in the moring. These activities are like exercises but i know she will enjoy it..allow her to see and play with her firends..and don't get her depressed coz when she is depress she may tend to eat more..

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    If she's physically active and limiting junk food, sodas etc. see a physician. She may have thyroid problems or be diabetic. The sooner it's addressed, the sooner positive results will enter her life. Physical activity may help. Take her for walks, bike rides, skating. Kids burn up a lot of calories playing and chasing each other around.

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    Whe you say she has a weight problem, how much are we talking about? How tall is she and how much does she weigh? Kids go through spurts and she may not be over weight. If she is in fact overwheight, then it is up to you to provide healthy alternatives for her to eat. Keep the junk food and snacks out of your house. Youo may also want to consider getting her involved in organized sports like soccer... Good luck.

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    All the answers so far have the right idea. I would only add what my 7 year old said to me on the subject: "Mom, I'm relying on YOU." It hit me hard and of course, he was right. I asked if he would take no for an answer when I said no, and he promised. I think Overeaters Anon. says you decide what and where, and your kid decides when and how much. Good luck.

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    her weight begins with you. moderate her intake and read labels when you buy foods. if anything in the first 5 ingredients is something like CORN SYRUP or SUGAR or anything man made... its bad for you. unfortunately any fat cells gained before the age of 7 are permanent and she will never be able to get rid of them. starting her on a diet and exercise will reduce her weight though

    Source(s): was a personal trainer
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