What is the racial/ethnic make up in VA?

Im moving to VA soon from boring a.s.s buffalo, NY and im moving like around the hampton va area. I dont like buffalo, its always so dam cold and the people here are not nice. also where i live u always meet someone who want ur phone number who has a gold tooth in their mouth and walks with a swag. I want to know what is the makeup of the area, i also heard there is a lot of military bases there... is it a good cultural area, is it an evenly distirbution of people

is there any cute military men?

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    1 decade ago
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    where is VA, does it stand for the name of a town/city?

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    sure human beings behave in yet differently. yet i could say that the version between persons interior a team (foundation- race/subculture/ethnicity) a tactics surpasses difference between communities in all on a regular basis habit. As such, taking those transformations as a benchmark of a few sort is senseless. while a single kinfolk can produce such different persons, how justified could we be in categorizing a team of a million persons as being usual ? the transformations in rely of non secular ideals, for occasion, would have some basic floor. yet on the completed, generalizations do not yield any advantageous result and easily serve to sow seeds of hatred.

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    1 decade ago

    VA has a variety of people. I'm from TN but know a few people in VA (various parts) and its very different from NY period! the white people are very white and the black people act white, so all in all i would say its just like any other place bi-racial but still very "country" if you like that type of setting i wish you a good trip, and good luck!

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    1 decade ago

    Did you know that to ask the racial/ethnic make up of any area is shallow and racist and illegal? No one should lower themselves to answers a question like that.

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