Maternity pants are too tight and short?

I am 5'10" tall and usually wear a size 12. I'm only 16 weeks pregnant and am already having a terrible time finding pants. If they're big enough in the butt / thigh, they're way too loose around the waist. Falling off loose. If I go one size down, they're too light and are uncomfortable. Then, add the longer length I need because of long legs, and I'm in BIG TROUBLE!!! I exercize regularly, my thighs are muscle, not fat, isn't there anybody else in the world without skinny legs and no butt? I can't be the only one. HELP!!!!!!!!!

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    I am also 16 weeks and I have the exact same problem.I finally found jeans at Target that fit good...I would try there or you can always wear cotton pants.

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    LOL Not laughing at you, honey. I had trouble with pants during pregnancy, too.

    I would suggest going to an actual maternity store, like Motherhood Maternity. The people there can probably help you find some cute clothes that will fit you. It's what they do all day long, so they're used to all different body types trying to find the best clothes for them.

    Some other options:

    I had a friend who wore her own jeans, but looped a rubberband through the button-hole, then buttoned the pants using the rubberband instead of the button-hole. It gave her a few extra inches for her own jeans. Worked great early in pregnancy. You'll probably want to wear a longer shirt with it, though, to cover up the rubberband.

    Drawstrings are another good option, since they offer plenty of give. They're also really nice to have postpartum, since they aren't the annoying maternity pants with the panel, but there is some give until you lose your baby-weight. They're also a nice option for work clothes, if you work in a semi-professional atmosphere. You can find some nice drawstring pants in linen or other nice materials and top it with a nice shirt.

    You could also try low-rise jeans. Get your normal size, but have it button underneath your growing belly. If low-rise isn't your style, wear a longer shirt.

    These three options are nice since maternity clothes actually assume your waist/belly is getting bigger at a faster rate than your thighs/butt. I assume you're shopping maternity. That's probably why the waist is too big.

    From personal experience, you may want to just put from your mind your pre-pregnancy dress size for a while. Maternity clothes can be COMPLETELY off on that, and it can be depressing to go from a size 12 to a maternity size 18. Just like in children's clothing, where the sizes vary greatly (a 2T in some clothes looks like a 5T in others... trust me on this), maternity clothes have their own sizing, so that the regular size doesn't necessarily match up with the maternity size.

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    I would try some good department stores like Target, Kohls, and JC Penny's - they have some of the best selections. You may even have some luck at specialty stores like Lane Bryant (sizes 14-plus)

    If Maternity Pants don't seem to work, try wearing elastic waist regular pants - might need a size or two bigger than usual - usually you can find decent pj type pants, dress pants, jeans can be a toughie though! Don't forget to look in the men's sections, since you can usually mix & match length and width.

    It also helps to buy longer "tunic" type shirts that go down past your waist - they take away from the bagginess of the pants.

    The other option is some nice long flowy skirts - maybe not the height of fashion, but you'll be comfortable!

    If you're "crafty" you can try taking an old pair of jeans, cutting out the zipper/waist band and sewing in some sort of stretch/elastic material...but that's a project for the serious crafter - way beyond my skills!!

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    As with all fashions maternity clothes are mostly made for a certain body type. Try shopping in the plus size section of you local store.

    Look for overalls and dresses or rap around skirts.If pants is what you want still shop in the plus size section as you are able to find pants with elastic waists then just open the seam a little sow a button like in maternity pants and adjust them as you get bigger.

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    I used the kind of maternity pants where the elastic has button holes in it so you can adjust the size of the waist. That might work for you.

    It worked for me because my belly was tender so I needed them loose, but then the baby would move and my belly would be a different size and I could just duck under my desk and fix it. That way they weren't too tight or falling off.

    Admittedly they weren't the best cut pants in the world as far as making me look attractive, but they were ok.

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    Try different panels, a full panel or an under the belly style might work better.

    Also, try different brands.

    walmart brands might work better for you. They tend to have a lot more room in the butt and thigh. Plus theyre less expensive.

    You can try old navy, but they tend to be on the slim side clear through the butt and leg, although they do have different cuts and styles, and even have longs. You usually have to order online, but the return polacy is super easy.

    You'll find something. Its jsut trial and error.

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    Try mens jogging pants and see if they dont fit better. You can get the kind with the adjustable waist . These of course dont work for going to a job but work great for home and shopping etc.

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    I had the same problem and the only place that fit me was motherhood maternity. All of their pants are longer.

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    Just find some nice sweatpants that give you enough room. Pregnancy is about being comfortable not stylish.

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