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A sensory neuron always conveys nerve impulses from the central nervous system to an effector.?



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    A sensory neuron delivers impulses from sense organs to the central nervous system.

    The interneuron receives impulses from sensory neurons and gives its order to motor neurons, which transmit impulses to effectors, which carry out the required process.

    However, sensory neurons from our nose connect directly with olfactory bulb in the brain, which convert chemicals into smell.


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    Not always necessary to convey the nerve impulse to the CNS. In certain cases, it does directly to the motor neurons and sometimes to the brain. They also make synaptic points where certain information has to be transmitted for example olfactory sensory neurons make synapses with the olfactory blub where the action of "smell" is processed. At a deeper level the sensory receptors located at the base of the sensory neurons convert the stimuli to electrial impulses.

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    FALSE, in Bio, there is never an "ALWAYS" . . .

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