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The girl I like is anti social and hates answering her phone, help??

There is a nice young lady that I am interested in. Whenever we hangout, we have a great time, everything is fine, and we have a lot of fun. However, most of the time when I call her, she dosen't answer the phone, so we only end up hanging out once every two weeks or so. It seems obvious that she is interested in me...I think we're just both slightly antisocial when it comes to the phone. Any advice?


We do most of our communication online, through AIM or myspace. Is there something wrong with this, or is this actually normal? Even though I enjoy her company and like hanging out, sometimes I just hate answering my phone

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    so email each other even write a real snail mail letter and send it.. some people have phobias about phones.

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    If you both have computers and internet connections, email or IM her. It's a lot easier than talking on the phone.

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    Before you leave the place where you normally see her ask her if there is a time she would be available so you could see her again. Tell her that you enjoy her company.

    Don't be afraid.

    love and blessings Don

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    Dude, just a little tip here, ask her if she has caller ID on her phone. If she says "yes", STOP CALLING. She knows the cal is from you and is probably with someone else.

    I'm just sayin'.

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    tell her wen ull call her so shell pick up.

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