I need some help with girl prob and some life probs. I dont know why im

writing to u even if i dont know u, but hope u can help me. I've been

confused for over 6 months now or maybe longer.

First, I liked this girl for over a year or more. Well like the situation

in the site, she is 1 year older than me. And im currently in Form 4 now,

which means she is sitting for her SPM ( malaysian Exam) this year. Well let

me start the whole thing off. We started to know each other in January. We

spent alot of time together, though most of it was with other ppl. In Feb,

during valentines, she gave me a gift. Well myself, i dont really get

involved in love life at this age. But she changed me ( even b4 the

gift). I didnt do anything that time as i wasnt sure if my feelings for her

is real. So i just left it and we became really close frens.We chatted on9

for hours and hours.Then maybe cause i didnt give her something for

valentines, she was kinda close this other guy as i see it, they were

together as when we talked on9, she kept mentioning his name. Well at that

time, i thought i shud just backoff from relationships, so i started

avoiding her.But my feelings were still there for her.1 time, i even walked

her home and we had fun time together alone. She even gave me a

nickname....a cute 1. We cared for each other alot.And in skool, though we

are not in the same class, i know she always keep an eye for me......SHE


have a specialy place in her heart.....

Thats when the other probs came in. First for my exams, I didnt do very

well, i did only maybe fairly well( not the normal me). I got like 12th in

class. Then there was this really long period of time were i didnt talk to

her for the reason i thought she was with some1 else.well it kinda hurts

when she mentions guys name in front of me. I dont know why......During that

time aswell, i experienced a downfall. I was elected as head prefect in my

school. I shud had been happy but i heard many rumours stating i was second

choice or thihngs like i dont deserve it. Well i was really depressed and i

still am. This election thing happened in july.

In August, I think its been 2 months since i made any contact with the

girl. I decided i cant go on thinking bout her anymore as it affected my

studies badly. So 1 day, I asked her out telling her i want to sort things

out with her. She agreed. That time, I finally told her everything, the

misunderstandings( why i avoided her.....she knew i avoided her ), and i

even told her i like her. I dont know why but when we met up she was afraid

to let her dad see us together. She said she did like me but not now. I said

its ok......Later on9 on the same day, i talked to her. I asked her what she

feels about me now.She said im her close and good fren but im diff from

other ppl as i have a special place in her heart. Then she said that place

was empty when i avoided her. She also said that i was in that place since

we met as in got close. I dont know if all that she said was true or was it

just to make me feel better? Oh, i forgot, her reason was that we both have

the same principles, thats why we wont further our relationship. Our

principles are not starting relationships when we are in schooling.Well it

was true, i did say that a lnog time ago and she remembered it.

Since that day, I tried to get her off my mind. But the way she treats

me, is totally diff from how she treats other ppl. Thats why im confused.I

really hope u can help me solve these 2 problems... I really need advice and

support, well i cant tell my parents these things.....I really dont know if

she likes me, and im losing my confidence bit by bit, day by day bcoz of

these 2 problems.

Well thats all i can say for now, i hope to meet u on9 some day or plz reply

me, ineed to solve this quick. Im also worried as she is leaving skool next

year. There are loads of things i like to share, like some of our convos

on9..just add me in msn. Hope u can reply me ASAP...

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    1 decade ago
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    hunny, to me it seems like she really does like you otherwise she wouldn't be saying that she has a special place in her heart for you. and if she said she likes you, it means that she does want to be with you. you just need to be very honest with her and ask her where you stand with her. tell he you want her to be your girlfriend and not just friends. its seems like you're falling in love with this girl and i'm sure she feels the same way for you.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    properly you think of appropriate to the guy all the time. every time you spot him you experience tickles on your abdomen. You get very fearful around him. you pick to do something to maintain him satisfied and you experience like your interior the clouds. of direction don't be fooled by utilising a crush they have just about the comparable warning signs yet you will understand while it truly is love. that's a deep, stable feeling which you would be able to no longer do away with.

  • 1 decade ago

    Boy! That was long!!!!! I really don't think she's ready and I think you should persue something so on and off again.

  • 1 decade ago

    way too long.

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