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Because I had good parents and not molested as a child. Is my destiny failure?

It seems like the in thing to have had happened

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    Many stories are told of people overcoming hardship to accomplish 'great' things. These stories are meant to be inspiring, the idea is that you can emulate this success albeit faced with obstacles.

    Not that people are successful because they had unrelated obstacles in their childhood, if anything it shows a knack for overcoming, many more would fall by the wayside than becoming stronger. As to destiny. If your life is already set in stone - how could you possibly fail? - you would not be responsible for the conditions of your life past, present or future.

    Failure at what? Escaping mediocrity, gaining fame or status or enlightenment. You're alive, you can question, and have time to wonder and are wondering.

    I don't think 'failure' is a 'thing to [happen]' like heavy rain, but rather an assesment made, or agreed to by you. change your situation or change your assessment of it. And if you think it seems like you had good parents, you can be counted among the lucky.

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    Where ever did you get such a dumb idea? Life is what you make of it. You have been taught the difference between right and wrong. If you choose to be a failure then you only have yourself to blame, but if you choose to have a good career that would make your parents and family proud then they know that there job was a success and they did not fail. Wake up and smell the coffee, the life you were given is a great gift. Some are not so lucky, not by choice but by circumstance not of there choosing. Now give your parents the reward that they are due. Be a successful human being with a career that would make you be the best you can be. .

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    The destiny of anyone rests solely in their hands and no one else.

    It's true that your education may hinder you but you can always go back to school.

    It sounds like you had a decent childhood but have not found happiness and success in life.

    Remember that success is more than just making money and owning material possessions.

    Happiness comes from within.

    Do you have a purpose in life?

    Writing, painting or some other creative outlet.

    It is purpose in life that gives your life meaning and fulfillment

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    Your destiny is failure because you are a fool and a punk, not because you didn't face the same adversity as a child as someone who grew-up in a violent home or was molested.

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    Ya know,I have observed a lot of different people in very diff rent circumstances.One thing I have learned to be true is that people who come from "bad" or troubled childhoods can grow-up to be wonderful, caring successful people and those who have had what would be considered the absolute best childhood have grown up to be the cruelest,most selfish people around. So in essence it 's what you choose to make it.....

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    You should be happy that you weren't molested. The fact that a lot of people were molested doesn't mean that it's the "in thing", it just means a lot of people are very sick people to take advantage of children that way.

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    Why???? Would you WANT to be a molested child to have fear about people who say that they love you and this is how we show it BUT you have to keep it a secret.. sssshhhh....

    MAN!!!! You should be d*** luncky to have good parents and teach you good value. Or is your value twisted now???

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    On the contrary! You have the most chances to become a healthy, strong, happy personality.

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    it can be your foundation for a bright future. it can be cause for you to search for some drama. you can base such things on your experiences. nothing is definite. the future changes constantly. every move you make will affect yourself somehow, someday. i guess that's why so many people believe in karma..

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    congrats you had a good childhood, you should be proud to have good parents, it's unique now a day's, you shouldn't be upset, but proud of it, but don't go bragging that your child hood was great, it can push people away that had bad ones, I had a bad childhood, and people like me want to be you, so be proud, your envied.

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