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Why isn't anyone blaming Saddam?

He caused his execution. Quit feeling sorry for this MONSTER!

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  • SAM
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    I hear you!! And I cant agree more with you.... he got what he deserved....

    In the original Iraqi Constitution, execution should not take place on a holly day. Saddam Hussein changed that article in the constitution and it was amended to be able to execute anyone at any day in the year and he went along killing so many people publically... Yesterday was Arafa Day, and Today is Eid, a very VERY holly days in Islam, and Saddam was executed publically. KARMA!

    PLUS... A video grab taken from al-Iraqiya television shows ousted Iraq president Saddam Hussein moments before being hanged in Baghdad. Saddam was hanged inside one of his former torture centres in the final act of a brutal 30-year tragedy that left the stage strewn with tens of thousands of corpses. And again I say KARMA!

    I believe this is Karma! Saddam Hussein brought upon himself inevitable, bad, results. It is the cosmic principle that is taking its action. Each person is rewarded or punished in one incarnation according to that person's deeds in the previous incarnation. Its his fate/destiny.

    Congratulations! AT LAST... The world is free from Saddam Hussein!!!

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    I do blame him...but I don't think it's any great act of courage to have 20 armed guards take an old man (albeit a dictator) who is caged up in a small cell, shackle him, and tie a rope around his neck. It's rather cowardly, inhumane, and uncharitable.

    It's doing exactly the sort of things Saddam was convicted of. A better penance would have been to keep him in jail. He was beginning to see the errors of his ways towards the end...he could have become useful to the anti-terrorist cause. Now he's a martyr to the terrorists' cause.

    Justice is fine...but when you go past it, it becomes nothing but revenge; again, doing exactly what Saddam was convicted of doing.

    Some of the ex-Nazis convicted at Nuremberg who weren't hanged (Speer, Doenitz, etc.) spent the rest of their lives condemning their horrible acts and helped countless others avoid falling into that trap.

    Just my thoughts...what's done is done.

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    If you notice, the vast majority of people are saying he got what he deserved.

    On Yahoo! Answers, look closely at all questions like "What did he do that was so bad???" There are LOTS of answers telling exactly what he did, many recounting different situations, all of which would have earned him a noose around the neck.

    There will always be morons who say he didn't deserve it, he was a great leader, or some other junk like that. But the majority, I think, agrees the world is a little better of a place today.

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    An interesting answer from Sam

    Give her the points

    Well done for that answer.

    As for me I gave up judging anyone long ago, I let other people judge because I just want to get through each day as it comes.

    Good luck and have fun with all the answers to your question.

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  • Kacky
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    It can reach a point where the person retaliating is so wrong,. it cancels out the crimes of the person they are trying to punish. Saddam was a murderous despot, but that doesn't make his murder OK.

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    Because most people on the Internet because you can't see them face to face feel emboldened to say what ever gets shock value. Jidiots.

  • Anonymous
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    i'm so0o0o0o0 mad coz of his death he still arabic man where is the arabic people do u think america is better no it's not it's shameful 4 us we accept every thing from america and isra2el they make us like there slaves but we r not

  • Anonymous
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    that a good question to me he brought it on himself but it sad when the victims were killed and when we have to execute someone.

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    His own country tried, convicted and executed him and he's gone.

  • 1 decade ago

    I don't shead a tear, whatsoever he reaped, he sowed!

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