Can frying and saute pans be used interchangably or when does one have better use than the other?

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    The simple answer is yes. The big difference is a saute pan has sloped sided that make it easier to toss things together and stir. A frying pan has flat sides that really make a spatula that tool that works best. If your frying a burger, it makes not difference. If you sauteing veggies, a frying pan makes toss them much harder.

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    They are EXACTLY the same pan. You can fry or saute in a frying pan.

    Explanation of the two terms...

    FRY: To cook food in hot fat over moderate to high heat.

    SAUTE: To cook food in a pan over direct heat with a little fat. The objective is to cook the food quickly and with enough space and movement to allow most of the excess moisture to evaporate. It's not a saute if the food is simmering in its own juices. By the way, saute means "jump" in French and is named for the tossing technique used to keep the food moving and evenly cooked.

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    I really don't know what you are looking for in a comparison way of pans,

    But there is a difference between sauteing and frying. It really doesn't matter (at times) on the pan.

    To saute is to slowly (over a medium to low heat) cook in oil, butter, wine, bacon fat............or what ever

    Frying can be in a deep amount of liquid usually an oil of sum kind

    where the food is submerged for a certain amount of cooking time

    The only thing that would matter upon the pan would be the amount of liquid(OIL) DEPTH WISE for a difference

    But if you saute it is not at a HIGH temp as with FRYING(at times)

    you will need a temperature of 200 + Fahrenheit

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    Yeah but watch the saute pan, it can get really hot really fast. Don't cook extra virgin olive oil at very high heat unless you cut it with canola or veg oil or something.

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    The guy who answered first is dead right and he got 3 thumbs down. What a bunch of idiots. Jimmy got it dead on.

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