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How healthy are those Lean Cuisine frozen dinner entres?

They are really good, but is "lean cuisine" really a lean meal?

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    The calories tend to be lower than some other frozen dinners, but the sodium content is a killer -- literally. My father-in-law developed congestive heart failure after a steady diet of Lean Cuisine and other frozen entrees for several months after his wife died and he had to cook for himself.

    Plus which, I think the box tastes better than its contents. As far as I'm concerned, the meals are only moderately lean, and the cuisine is nearly non-existent.

  • Anonymous
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    they have less calories and sodium than most.

    there also isn't a lot of food in the box.

    the word lean has nothing to do with nutritional content -- just the lack of calories.

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    Probably better than a sandwich and chips for lunch. I like taking them to work, they're not so big as to make me so full that I want a nap!

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    Personally, I think that anything that is a "meal in a box" or loaded up with preservatives can't be all that great for you.

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  • KathyS
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    1 decade ago

    If anything takes you more then 10 seconds to read the ingredient list, don't eat it.

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    They are low in fat and calories but very high in sodium. Eat in moderation.

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    probably not, try looking at the nutrition facts.

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