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have a huge tub of legos, that my son outgrew... are there any ideas on what to do with them?

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    You could donate them to a homeless shelter or battered women's shelter. The kids are going through tough times and it would be great for them to get creative with them.

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    Like others have said, Ebay, or if you are a very nice person, you can donate them to somewhere. If you aren't an Ebay kind of person, try putting up some add on bulletin boards and in newspapers. Lego is normally pretty expensive, so you might be able to make quite a bit of money if you sell a lot of it.

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    You could wipe them off and clean them, then give the Legos to charity. Or you could give it to a family whom you are friends with that have a toddler in the family. Giving them away would leave you a little more fufilled with a much more peaceful state of mind than if you would have shoved them in the back of the attic. But if you want one of your son's favorite pastimes and memories to benefit you too, you can sell them. That way, everyone wins.

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    Why don't you donate them to a local day care center or children's ward of your hospital. Kids still love them! Maybe someone in your neighborhood has small children who could really use something to play with besides video games. I know I'd prefer Legos!

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  • CP
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    1 decade ago

    Give them to a shelter or kids home. Otherwise you could try selling them on eBay.

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    Do yourself a favor and some very deserving kids and take them to a shelter. These kids here aren't responsible for what has happened to them and any diversion would be very much appreciated. You'll clear out your home, too!

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    build a castle!

    or just give them away.. the salvation army is always a good choice;

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    ebay baby, ebay!!! Legos are hot items.

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