What year did Fritz Lipmann discover the ATP/ADP cycle?

I'm doing a biology project with my friend and she asked me this question, but I can't find the answer anywhere.

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    This concept of ATP was formulated in 1929 by Lohmann, Fiske, and Subbarow, and in 1941 Fritz Lipmann postulated the unifying concept that ATP is the primary and universal carrier of chemical energy in all cells. Review the chemical structure of ATP and note that the standard free energy of hydrolysis of the phosphate group transfer is about 7.3 kcal/mol or 30.5 kJ/mol. One mole of glucose releases some 673 kcal or 2816 kJ on complete hydrolysis to carbon dioxide and water.

    Fritz Lipmann was awarded the 1953 nobel prize for that.

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    Source(s): wikipedia
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    He discovered it during years 1939-1941.

    he recieved a nobel prize for it in 1953

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    1945 perhaps...

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