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Okay, so I am in Film and TV production at a really well respected school in Toronto who is one of 12 vanguard schools and it's really hard to get the canadian harvard of media schools. lol. so anyways, I love movies and I like being part of a team. Right now we have to take all the aspects and a few of them I really dislike. But, soon we get to take really what we are interested in and I'm excited for that. I am not guaranteed a job in this field, but it is interesting and I beat out so many people to get in it. Should I stick with film and tv, or switch to business which I am also good at, will definitely get a job in and is a lot easier and shorter in length. First semester would be a breeze because I have already taken 2 of the 6 courses that are part of first semester. Help! I don't know what I should do

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    1 decade ago
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    I'd say do both!

    You're excited about Film and TV, and that's great. Pursue that, and put full effort into it. That's where your heart is, and it would be a waste to give up all that you've made it through.

    But Film and TV is a business too, and you'd limit your options in the field if you ignored the business end of the Film and TV industry. You don't need a degree in business to make it in the film business (nor in any business), but you do need some basic courses in the field. Why not stick with your film and tv focus, and add a minor in business. That will give you enough tools to help you succeed in either field later.

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    It's a matter of what you love. In everything, there will be aspects you don't like. That's the weeding out process of school. You may easily get a job in business, but it's easy to lose a business related job - look at how many layoffs there are each year. If you have the room in your schedule, take business classes when you can. It's a great background for a film degree. Don't worry about the ease of getting a job; do what you love, and the job will find you.

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