Muslims, if Mohammad was the model for all humanity to follow then... ?

The fact that you can read and write means you are not following HIS model. all great thinking Muslims welcomed.


First off, I am not trying to offend Muslims. I am very philosophical in my thinking. I did not say anything that is not true about your prophet that Muslims have not already said.

I did however ask something that Muslims may not want to answer. You revere this man to the point where people can not even ask questions?

It IS a legitimate question.

Muslims have said that the Prophet Mohammad is the model for all mankind to follow yes? is this not correct? Do I misspeak?

Well then it begs the question, how can a literate Muslim be following the model of his/her prophet if his/her prophet was illiterate and his/her prophet is supposed to be the model to follow?

Something has to give.

Update 2:

Please don't lie to make your point.

It is not universally accepted that all Prophets were illiterate.

And I am not trying to bring shame to Muslims because they follow a man who was know to be illiterate. I know of other stories where great men where illiterate and built great companies through their social intelligence.

My point is that it is impossible for a literate Muslim to ever model the illiterate part of their prophet. And how do Muslims make sense of that?

This question is not meant to mock, simply meant to bring about some critical thinking. Muslims should welcome the opportunity to think and explain rather than giving veiled threats and assuming questions are intended to mock when someone is merely curious of how Muslims make sense of things.

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    I think that is a good observation. And if you want to learn about ex-Muslims who found out Islam was not "the truth" for them check out

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    Yes Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) was illiterate. He was guided by Angel Jibreel to write the Quran with the command from Allah Almighty. True, that you are wondering how can we follow a man with no literacy. His knowledge was provided by Allah Almighty. He followed his commands. Think about it. How did a man who was uneducated spread Islam around the world and have 1billion muslims around the world. Sure this isnt a possible thing to do without Allah Almighty will.

    Additonal Information:

    Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) is the most influential man who has ever lived. You can search anywhere on this.

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    Islam = post your will ability , you dont do what your ego tells you to do , and do in basic terms what GOD asked you to do. Islam is the way , the type you ought to lead your existence. Islam is often been here considering the fact that Adam , and could stay until judgement day. Muslim = the guy who accepts islam ability he/she has voluntarily generic the religion, and Islamic principals. faith = there is no yet one GOD and Prophet Muhammed SWS became messenger. there are different issues alongside with concept in judgement day , different Messengers , the angels etc that are additionally component of religion. why Muslim ? maximum all and sundry is muslim with the aid of beginning , and that they recieve it as component of their way of existence , and because they dont see something incorrect with it , they are chuffed, and that they dont oppose. different do their very own reserach , and settle for it after realising the certainty. why no longer Muslim ? oftentimes coz they are born to non muslim mum and dad , and that they are not courageous . maximum folk might want to worship count and those human beings might locate Islam confusing and slender. worldwide stigma , media , social boycott , ex muslims , who have been probable on no account muslims with the aid of determination , and wanna have loose existence , loose from GOD's constraints. human beings mocking Islam are blind , dumb and smug. they on no account dare argue with reason , throw fake translations and baseless allegation. in step with threat they are merely doomed.

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    Reading and writing is not required, that's why the Qur'an is mostly communicated verbally.

    Muhammad acknowledged that there are other people who are more knowledgeable than him.

    Muhammad is just a template, you can expand on that template.

    Unless something is forbidden in the Qur'an, it's up to the person to decide if it's good or not for him/her.

    If something in the Hadith contradict the Qur'an, the Qur'an outrank it.

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    That is not a very nice thing to say. I'm not a Muslim, but, as a Baha'i, I believe in Muhammad and Islam. After all that He suffered and was persecuted in order to help the weak, feed the poor, advance the station of women and establish a society where justice existed, I would hope that people would NOT criticize or mock Him. Even 18th century European writers who did not believe in Islam accept His goodness and His greatness.

    The Qur'an does not say that Muhammad is the perfect exemplar. It says that He is a Prophet and Messenger of God. Even if Muhammad was a perfect human being, as Baha'is believe, that doesn't mean that we should follow in His footsteps. How can we follow in the footsteps of a being that is far greater than ourselves? How can we follow in the footsteps of a pure Mirror of God, the Logos made flesh?


    In reply to the further details given by the person who asked the question. I was not accusing you in particular of mocking Muhammad. I reiterate that I am not a Muslim, but am generally disappointed by the attitudes that I find on Yahoo! Answers with regards to Islam.

    The answer to your question is simple. In Arabian society, very few people were taught how to write. Arab poets even deliberately remained illiterate, because they thought it was as shame. The leaders of Mecca were able to write, but Muhammad was not taught. However, he encouraged people to learn to read and write. Muhammad actively promoted literacy. If Muslims are supposed to follow His example, they should also promote literacy.

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    All prophets of God were illiterate. God intentionally did that to dismiss wild accusations against the Books of God revealed to His prophets - that the prophets wrote them and made them up on their own. Thus, this case (the prophet being illiterate) is an exception.

    God knows best.

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    The Prophet(PBUH*) said it was the duty of every Muslim male or female to get an education.

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    Learn what Walid Shoebat has to say about what radical islam taught him about how he should show his alliance to his religion and leaders.

    Walid is the true model for reformation of this religion.

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    Muslims apparently only say they want to follow the example set by muhammad when that means they can chop the head off of a tied up hostage while screaming allah akbar.

    Muhammad never had suicide bombs either, although some of us wish he would have used one before he got the idea of conning people into believing pagan moon god allah is the real God of the Bible.

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