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what is wrong do i just got a cold?

it started two days ago and has not really changed it hit me hard on the first day! My chest is heavy, i cough but not much, my voice sounds funny sometimes during the day, more at night my forhead feels warm, my body is kinda achy. sometimes when i breath deep i can hear a raspyness in my chest!

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    It sounds more like the flu, strep throat or a respiratory infection. I suggest you go to your doctor for antibiotics. In the meantime, if you're feeling feverish, my doctor suggested to me - switching from Motrin to Tylenol with every other dose to bring the fever down. For some reason, it works faster. It should help ease the achiness too. I know it sucks to be sick, whatever else you do , call your doctor. I hope you're feeling better soon...

    (my daughter just got over a respiratory infection. It was no picnic considering her asthma. She's doing okay now.)

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    Colds tend to come on gradually but your symptoms sound more like a cold than flu...with flu generally you are fine one day, and wake up the next morning hoping someone got the license tag # of the truck that hit you...

    Take some ibuprofen for the aches, drink lots of water/fluid, and don't over should pass in a few days...if you catch it early on zinc lozenges and/or zicam can help shorten the duration but if you've had it for a couple of days now, those things won't have much effect...

    Take care of don't want that raspiness turning into bronchitis...

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    Sounds like a really good cold. If it does not get better in a few days, see a doctor.

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    yes, its just a cold. recently i just got over something just like that. its unnecesary to go to the doctor, so yeahh, its a cold.

    hope i helped =]

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