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Where is the best Sushi in Orange County?

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    Doesn't suprise me that all of the restaurants mentioned are in the REAL part of Orange County (by the 405 freeway in places like Huntington Beach and especially South Coast Plaza) and not the POOR part of Orange County (where the 57 is north of the 91).

    The only thing the POOR part of Orange County has are chain restaurants that are always crowded due to lack of real restaurants in that area.

    Don't believe me?? Then just go to Brea -- you'll see first hand.

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    relaxing Sushi Momo's in Fullerton off Laguna street. This place has been opened for over 2 many years and has on no account marketed, yet is often packed with unswerving shoppers. Why? bypass there and attempt their Momo particular, Tiger Shrimp Hand Rolls, or Albacore Garlic Boat to start and you will comprehend. Their foodstuff is wonderful and is seen with the aid of close by foodies to be between the perfect saved secrets and strategies of the OC. in addition to, they have the very perfect tremendously spiced tuna I even have EVER eaten, and that i'm a sushi enthusiast that has eaten at actually thousands of sushi eating places all over the rustic.

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    Really fresh, good sushi, reasonably priced with friendly service is at Sankai, close to South Coast Plaza. Ask for the tuna tataki with cream sauce. It might not be on the menu, but it's the best tuna tataki I've ever had.

    A fun, casual place to go with excellent rolls is called Sushi Island. I think the restaurant used to be a Pizza Hut, so don't let the exterior fool you.

    The absolutely best, freshest sushi in the state is at Matsuhisa in Beverly Hills. Save this place for a special occasion as it is very pricey. Don't waste your time on the other entrees, such as chicken teriyaki...not so good.

    Source(s): (for reviews on Sushi Island)
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    Shibucho in Fountain Valley is the best sushi I've had in OC.

    And I'm Japanese American.

    I think it was on Harbor and....I want to say 90th st ???? but I'm not sure. Look for an In-N-Out in the Fountain Valley area.

    Shibucho is in the mall next to it.

    Also enjoyed the sushi at I-Naba on the corner of McArthur and Fairview but I think they closed. I hear the owner changed and you know what that means. Good sushi turns to bad sushi when the owner changes....

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    Todai Westminster

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    The best sushi I had in that region was near the Kodak theather. There is a place called Koji's (not sure of spelling). They have an amazing kobe beef roll.

  • California Beach in Newport Beach

    I've been going there for 8 years and it is the freshest and best tasting

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    Is there a Kabuki in OC? That place is usally very fresh and they also have a 50% off menu.

    Oh, there's one in Huntington Beach found it on the site)

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    Sushi Garden!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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