If I knock up a married woman, could I be responsible for child support?

There is this married woman, in her late 20s, whom I work with. We have been going out outside of work and her clueless husband doesn't know about it.

She brought up the idea of me fathering her children and I am worried about the possibility of paying child support. Is there any chance that I would have to pay child support, or would her husband be stuck with the payments no matter what?

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    he would be stick with the payments

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    Dangerous to even think this way because if the husband found out, child support might be the least of your worries. But to answer your question, I assume that just like your relationship with the married woman that the plan is to deceive the husband and pretend as if the child was his. The question is do you trust her. All it would take is an argument or a fight and a trip to the Lawyer and then your in trouble.

    Your hedging your bets that for the sake of the marriage everything would be kept secret. But a lie is a lie and what is done in the dark will come to light.

    I've said all this and I didn't answer your question yet. DNA is all she needs and if you are proved to be the father, you are liable. So leave her alone, she is nothing but trouble.

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    Scenario one, if this woman ever divorces her husband she will want you to pay child support. Scenario two, if this woman's husband ever get a whif of you guys having an affair or going behind his back by other co-workers or even people who know her and him from the community, public, what you have then is a possibility that he asks for a divorce and/or hurting the both of you. Scenario three, if she falls in love with you and want to leave her husband for you but it turns out that you do not want her like that then she want child support. Then comes scenario four, if something does happen to those two marriage and they divorce then you and her hook up, who is to say that this same thing will not happen to you. I mean her going out outside of work with someone else and you, being her new clueless husband, wouldn't know about it. Wouldn't that be a shocker.

    Think about it, everything you two have been doing up to this point has been pure deceptive. What good can come out of deception and lies. There is no happy ending and there is no light at the end of the tunnel here. Sorry I do not have any good news for you. Most of all be careful it may seem fun and suspenseful now but look at what is foreseeable.

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    first of all if your girlfriend wants children she should have them with her husband. not a low life like you ready to bail at the thought of paying for children you fathered. you both are wrong for stringing her husband along.

    in most states the husband will be considered the father with children born out of wed lock. But if things go bad between them and he wants a paternity test or she decides to hit you up for the child support there is nothing you can do about it. You will be the father and the only way to get out of that is for her husband to adopt the child and you give up your rights and allow him to do so.

    your are both not very good people and you should consider not spreading your evil and bringing children in this world based under your lies. if she doesn't love her husband she should leave him alone and give him a chance to have a relationship with a real women not a whore who has nothing better to do but sneak around with a jerk like you and make babies you don't want!!!!

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  • Jay M
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    1 decade ago

    Well call you "Mr Irresponsible!" Put the shoe on your other foot and think about the day when YOU are the clueless husband.

    The one that is "STUCK" is the poor child that two fools created but were too concerned with money to take responsibility for.

    The words "Is there any chance that I would have to pay child support..." tell me you have no thoughts about what is the ethical thing to do. You were man enough to create a child, be man enough to support it!

  • For some reason I felt compelled to respond. Maybe it was the strong desire to tell you what a dumbass you are to have to ask such a question, which brings me to, I would love to meet the person that actually slept with you. I hope he finds out and dumps her so you 2 can end up together, but I wouldn't have any kids with two stupid people like you being the parents what kind of chance would your offspring have? I feel so sorry for her husband you know the Clueless one! Remember what goes around comes around.

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    Of course you would be responsible. Just because she is married doesn't put that responsibility on the husband. Shame on you for cheating!!!!!

    You better Stop seeing her and get your priorities straight. Why are you trying to break up a marriage? Would you like to be in his shoes? What goes around comes around. You remember that.

    You will have more than you ever bargained for. Stop this now before you are way over your head. Pray for forgiveness and find someone who is not taken and who can give you a relationship. If you are old enough to play you are old enough to PAY!

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    If I were hubby she would be on the street and you would be paying all the support. For the kid and the cheating biitch.

    Be very careful some husbands can be violent. Not like the whiny ones who come here.

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    If she gets a Dna test and proves you are the father then yes you will have to pay for child support.

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    You "knocked up" a married women?? Oh my god why she is MARRIED!! well... if you did yes you and her are responsible to the child support and if you dont I suggest you think twice and think about if sh will be all crying and say oh lets go on the maury or oprah show then what are you gonna do??? Go on it and complain i didnt want this to happen! WELL ITS ALL BECAUSE YOU KNOCKED HER UP AND YOUR RESPONSIBLE for the outcome get the picture?

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    Yes. If the father wants DNA tests, you will be in serious trouble. She may also confess the truth to him one day. This woman is bad news. Run, do not walk, in the opposite direction.

    Find a woman who is single. You are both acting very badly.

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