someone help me runescape black fortress quest?

i dunno how to done black fortress quest if somebody know how to done this quest add me in runescape my username is 3991006

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    Click on Walkthrough - Show and it will show you exactly what you need to do.

    1- Before approaching the castle

    Obtain an iron chainmail (can be bought from Wayne's Chains in south Falador) and a bronze medium helmet (helmet shop in the Barbarian Village or Draynor Manor respawn). Then go to the monastery (north west of the Barbarian Village) and take a few cabbages from their cabbage patch (you actually only need one, but you might accidentally eat it, it happens to a lot of people!) Next go to the Black Knights' Castle - it's at the base of Ice mountain, on the north eastern side.

    2- The element of disguise

    The front door is locked so you need to use the side door - the Guards' entrance. Put on your iron chain and bronze medium helmet and they don't suspect a thing :)

    3- Finding out about the secret plot

    The Castle is pretty complicated, so I'll direct you through. Upon entering, push your way through the fake wall directly in front of you. Go up two ladders and you'll find yourself on the wall walk (roof.) Go down the other ladder, through the two doors to the east and then up and down the next two ladders to get over the fence. You're now in the altar room. Go out through the door onto the balcony and quickly down the ladder so the knight doesn't hurt you too much. Sneak along the secret passageway and listen at the ventilation grill. You discover that the Black Knights are brewing up an invincibility potion, but that you can save the day by plopping the cabbage you've collected into the cauldron.

    4- Spoiling the potion

    Go all the way back to the door from which you entered, and this time go through the door to your east, move quickly up the ladder onto the outer wall. Proceed around the corner and push your way through another wall. Now, RIGHT CLICK on the cabbage and 'use' it on the hole in the floor. Make sure you don't eat it, or you'll have to go and get another.

    5- Finishing the quest.

    You chuck the cabbage down the hole, the potion froths and bubbles, and the potion is ruined. Go and talk to Sir Varze again and he'll reward you for your bravery.

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    I finished that quest in no problem!!

    Start: Talk to Sir Amik Varze, located in Falador Castle, about a quest.

    Skills: The ability to defend against level 33 Black Knights.

    Quests: 12 Quest Points.

    What You Need: A Bronze Medium Helmet, Iron Chainmail, and a Cabbage grown from any garden except for the one in Draynor Manor.


    Getting Started

    Firstly, speak with Sir Amik Varze about a new quest. Usually he can be found on the 3rd floor of the White Knight Castle in Falador, on the west side. He says that he needs some spy work done on the Black Knight's Fortress, and that it could be dangerous. You can choose either option, and eventually he will give you a Mission Impossible kind of briefing. He needs you to infiltrate the fortress, find out what their secret weapon is, and then sabotage it. Tell him that you'll try to help.

    Infiltrating the Fortress

    Before heading to the fortress, you should first pick up a few things. Since the fortress is most likely guarded, you'll need some sort of disguise to get in. A Bronze Medium Helmet and an Iron Chainmail would help you look more like a guard. First, head to the Chainmail Shop in Falador, located behind the White Knight Castle, and buy an Iron Chainmail.

    Now head to the Barbarian Village and buy a Bronze Helmet from Peksa's shop.

    Please note that these items can also be smithed. Before heading to the fortress, it may be wise to bring some food, depending on your level.

    Now head to the Monastery which is northeast of Falador. Pick a Cabbage or 2 from the garden, and then head west over the dirt ramp, and then north to the Black Knight's Fortress.

    Put on your Iron Chainmail and Bronze Medium Helmet and go inside through the southern door. Once inside, you can put your normal armor on.

    The Secret Weapon

    Once inside, push open the wall north of the entrance to find a secret room. Go up the ladder, and then up the next one. Now climb down next ladder, and then head through the set of doors to the east. Climb up the ladder, and then down the next one, which leads to a Chaos Altar. Now go through the door and climb down the ladder. This leads to a short passage, and at the end should be a Grill on the wall, where you can "listen-at."

    Apparently, the Black Knights have a witch that is preparing an invincibility potion, and this must be the secret weapon. You also learn that by putting a cabbage from anywhere other than the garden in Draynor Manor, the potion will be destroyed.

    Completing Your Mission

    Now go back to the entrance of the fortress and head into the Meeting Room. Go up the ladder on the northern wall, and follow the passage until you reach the end. Push the wall to find a room with a Hole in the floor, and use a Cabbage with it to drop it in and ruin the potion. Be sure to right-click on it!

    Go back to Sir Amik in the White Knight Castle and tell him about what happened. He'll give you your reward, and you've finished the quest!



    3 Quest Points

    Hope this helps! =)

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    ok first telleport to varrock, then you truthfully bypass left and keep folowing the direction till eventually u hit the barbarian village, bypass merely outdoors of that (left hand aspect) then bypass north till eventually you attain the priest position. from there ul see a __/ like that yet on both aspect, bypass by that. then bypass north and stick with it round slightly. improve your there

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