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This question is for professional sylists?

I have been coloring my red for a while and would like to change it back to brown but more of a light to caramel brown so I know there will be some stripping and lighteneing involved and am trying to get an idea of the cost of this procedure? Thanks. :)

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    the cost can vary sooo much depending on where u live, if u live in chicago, maybe 200$, in some small town maybe 75$, if i were u, u can call and ask some trusted salons, however without actually seeing your hair, it will be best to go in to them and have a consultation, its a free thing for u'll get a better answer on price and what they r gonna do too. red is the first color to fade in the hair and the hardest to actually take back out so good call on going to a stylist, it not something u want to try urself, it can become a huge disaster!

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