should george w bush be empeached?


im not sure if you remember but bill clinton almost got impeached for getting a BJ and twisting the truth in court about it, but this ****** has started wars over false pretenses and lied consistenly to the american public thats a lot worse than some head am i right

Update 2:

i can not believe how petty some of you are who cares its spelled impeached I am aware of that it doesnt take anyting away from the question. Get a life you losers

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    You spelled "impeached" wrong but I'm sure you don't care since you sound like a retard anyway.

    To legitimately answer your question, I don't think he should be impeached but he has not performed well as a wartime president. I think even Republicans would believe that he is a mediocre president at best...government spending, the midterm elections, and still no Bin Ladin.

    As an Independent who DID vote for him TWICE, I find him to be an average president who is definitely in over his head but if I had to do again, I would probably vote for him again...Kerry? Gore? Are you freaking kidding me?

    Anyways, W will now be in check with the Dems holding both houses of Congress. Let's hope for the best for all Americans' sake.

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    Unfortunately he hasn't lied under oath but he has either lied or been completely wrong and misled when he talked about 911 connections and WMDs.

    There should be an impeachment clause for impeachment on the grounds of gross incompetency. We've got two wars no going badly becuase of the second war which is stretching us thin and has been causing us a major loss in international respect and trust.

    As for whoever said no because that would put Dick in charge, guess what? Dick's been in charge since the beginning.

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    No. He is doing the job that Americans such as myself elected him to do. He hasn't lied under oath nor has he abused his powers as President. And, he is not dumb. Neither was Dan Quayle by the way. These men are plagued by these terms simply because they believe in a smaller government with people doing more for themselves. Since President Bush has been in office, national security has increased over previous levels, unemployment rates have dropped to under 5% (a number that was considered to be average, acceptable, and healthy when I took Macroeconomics), and people have been given more of their own money because less of it has gone to taxes.

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    No, he hasn't done anything impeachable he just does a lot of dumb stuff.

    However I do believe that he should never have been in office in the 1st place. (Just my opinion which I am entitled to)

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    THat is impeached, not empeached, just thought i'd let you know.

    No, Dick cheney would take over and he is of a similar mindset

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    time arunning 2008 just around its too too late for whats right; look as if usa gone in your basket! ^

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    Yes, absolutely.

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    Ha! We couldn't get that lucky

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    Tell me why? You didn't get a federal job?

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    he has not acted out of character. he was dumb when the electorate voted him into power. he still is dumb. you got what you asked for.

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