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Besides the Bible, what book has had the most profound affect on you?

Mine is, "The Heavenly Man" by Paul Hattaway. It was super tough to put down!!

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    The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe because of its profound religious sybolism.

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    That's a VERY difficult question. There are so many books that have had a profound effect. Right now, these two come to mind: How to Talk Dirty and Influence People by Lenny Bruce, and Out of Body Experience by Robert Monroe. No, there's another one: Walden by Thoreau. They all helped me look at the world from different viewpoints.

    I'm sure there are more. Some of Mark Twain's essays come to mind. And...

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    The top 2 are very different.

    Next to the Bible.

    1. Alcoholics Anonymous

    2. The Greatest Generation.

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    No single book. I have been reading since I was four, at various times in my life there has been a book or books that have had profound affects on me, the most notable of these was the Encyclopedia Britannica.

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    Revelation, Its Grand Climax At Hand! Published by The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society...Jehovah's Witnesses

    This was the book I was studying when I realized that I had finally found the group of people who taught what the Bible really teaches.

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    Hmm tough call, there have been some very good ones. Probably the most profound so far has been "Witchcraft, Theory and Practice" by Ly DeAngeles. I highly recommend it.

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    The Urantia Book . Genuine revelation.

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    The Hiram Key, Knight and Lomus

    The DiVinci code, Dan Brown

    In search af god, Karen Armstrong, a reformed Catholic

    The second messiah, Knight and Lomus

    The demon haunted world, Carl Sagan

    Broca's brain, Carl Sagan

    Why I am not a Christian,Bertrand Russell

    In search of ancient gods, von DANIKEN

    Chariots of the gods, von DANIKEN

    Holy blood holy grail,------------------

    and anything else that points to the truth.

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    He chose the nails by Max Lucado. Very profound look into the whys of the choices made every step of the way from Jesus' trial to resurrection.

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    the first time i read the history of the church by Usebius, i wondered at the reason why it wasnt cannonized? its just as good as the book of acts. When i read the book of mormon I know there is much faith inspiring acts within its pages of faith.

    The book of Enoch has remarkable sayings.

    The Doctrine and covenants too are mind blowing.

    Also when i first read the book URANTIA i was blindsided by the alternate story of genesis and the multiple designs of galaxies

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