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STUDY CASE, Is this not pregnant?

hello, i just wanna make sure if i'm really not pregnant.

well, the case is on 11th Dec, i had heavy pettings with my boy,and we stroke each others genitals. however, i remember clearly that my vagina did not touch the head of his penis.

and, as we know that pre-ejaculate fluid contains some sperms, enough to cause pregnancy.

so i'm not sure if his precum touches my vagina outer areas.

but, after a not too long heavy pettings, i used tissues to clean up my vagina till it dries.

though my period are not regular, the following previous 3moths my period has been quite stable and i thought that maybe for this month my period will come again on around 13 or 14 Dec.

but before the come period days, i was worried that i didnt get my period due to pregnancy reason or, if lucky, its just my irregular period coming again.

unfortunately, on 13 or 14 Dec till now 30 Dec, i havent had my periods and during these times, i've been stressing a lot.



so its been 2 weeks or so, and i havent had my periods.. then, today 30Dec, i bought pregnancy test to check.. and the result shows negative.

but i was wonderting because i check it 3 weeks after my heavy pettings, not 7 days after it..

will the pregnancy test be accurate?

and when i see the result, i felt happy, and stress relieve..

so the reason my period hasnt come, is it due to my stress or my pregnancy?

but the result shows negative, should i check again after my period?

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    If it was just heavy petting, the chances are highly unlikely that you could get pregnant that way. Technically, I guess there is always a small chance (if any of his fluids actually touched your vagina) but the situation you are describing I think your chances are slim to none. Stressing out a lot can delay your period as well, that could be the case. Either way good luck!!

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    I have to be amazed, yet again. There are SO many options out in this day and time, that if you want to preventt a pregnancy then you can do so easily. I have to wonder what you must be thinking while you know you don't want to get pregnant, but you do nothing to prevent it. On one hand you seem to know that sperm is there even before ejaculation, so I would like to think you are educated and mature enough to be having any kind of sexual activity, but then on the other you do NOTHING to preven t an unwanted pregnancy, so the education and maturity is now thrown to the wind. Look, it is so simple, "IF YOU DO NOT WANT A PREGNANCY THEN PREVENT IT BY ALL MEANS AVAILABLE TO YOU!!"

    Now, I do know that sometimes these preventions do, in a very slim percentage, fail. But since you are not doing anything that is not the case here. YOU ARE PLAYING WITH 3 LIVES HERE! Yours, your partners, and a child! Grow Up!

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    it is very unlikely that you are pregnant , if your periods can be irregular this is probably to blame and the fact that you are stressing out about the situation is probably delaying our period further, there are other reasons you can miss your period too. have you taken a test? you should do this if you and/or visit your doctor. good luck

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    Considering how unintelligent you seem... Let's really, really hope you aren't. Are you 12? Heavy petting? Get a clue and stop messing around if you aren't even sure how to get pregnant. Get offline and talk to a doctor. People like you annoy the rest of us.

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    I was 6 weeks late before my pregnancy test came back positive so you are not out of the woods yet.

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    Although HIGHLY unlikely, you could be. Just take a test to find out and quit stressing.

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    Sounds like stress to me if your period doesnot show next moht then i would worry

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    take a test. easiest way to find out

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    "stressing a lot" can delay your period.

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    It is highly unlikely that you are pregnant.

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