help me find true love?

how can i find true love. THIS ISNT A JOKE like seriously. i want love like in The Notebook. the movie. i'm a girl. in high school.

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    wow you're gayyyy

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    I want that too but that is very rare. I have been married for 10 years now and even though I love my husband and respect him and we get along well this dreamy love like in the Notebook is just for the movies. I am not saying give up on it entirely. I hope you find this. Some people are in love like this their whole lives. But for the most part it doesnt happen like this. Just set your standards high. Look for someone you love to be with and that you trust. I wish you the best. Great example with the Notebook. You should get some good answers. Happy New Year.

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    When looking for true love and your soulmate, you must first start preparing urself and saving yourself for your soulmate, learning to help others can make u a more compassionate person, when you give from yourself in an unselfish way your ability to love will also grow.

    Also never believe a guy who says he loves u right away. This is teh guy that will break your heart and use you for sex then throw u away like yesterdays garbage. Once youdo all of this u are on the road to not only finding your soulmate but knowing how to keep him loving you.:)

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    He will find you, it will happen, be patient, go on about your life, when you are least expecting it, your Prince will show up!

    Graduate from high school, have fun, be fun, have a great social life, look pretty all the time, smile, laugh, be happy, be funny, be yourself, go to college, he will come into your life.

    The minute that you stop dwelling on it, he will be there!

    I promise you!!

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    1 decade ago

    I'd suggest reading a book by Dr. Henry Cloud called, "How to find a date worth keeping." Excellent read. It will help!!

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    1 decade ago

    you still have a life to live, why not give yourself a chance to find yourself maybe thats not really what it is your looking for

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