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need some help ...?

I am a 16 yr vergin girl, and just started having orgasms via a vibrator (really good one!), and I am enjoying pleasure with vibrator.twice a daily .i have vibrators of different size ? which should i use small or bigger ? what should be perfect size according my age ? will it increase the size of vgina ? is it safe to use them ? i have thick pubic hairs and i shave them three times a week .can i remove them permanently or lighten them ? i feel uncomfortabl with napkins during periods is there any alternative to napkins ? can i stop my periods permanently ?i have never gotten an orgasm from boy, or any other men . should i use vibrator or fingure only ?Thanks for any help - I greatly appreciate it!

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    where did you buy a vibrator at at age 16?? being a mom that worries i think you should use whatever size you are comfortable with. and stick with vibrators, not boys, til your older.

    pubic hairs-it's not safe to color them. i suggest using a cream such as nair or something similar. and applying a lotion called simply smooth everyday. the lotion will help thin the hair and decrease it's growth over time.

    periods--you can't permanently stop them. however there aresome birth controls that will stop them while taking them. i know depo shot does. but for some women it doesn't if you're considering taking a bc control, do your research first. honestly and form that stops your cycle is bad.

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    This question has been answered before but You can use what ever vib you like and no it won't increase the size of your vagina. Is it safe to use them so long as you properly disinfect them when you finish using them. You can use tampons or menstrual cups if you don't like pads and other than a hysterectomy there is no way to permanently stop your periods. You can stop them temporarily by using a special birth control called Seasonal or by using regular birth control but skipping the placebo pills and starting another pack immediately. As for orgasms from 16 I am not sure how many men have really tried to give you an orgasm so don't worry about that just yet expecially since you said you were a virgin.

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    there is no 'normal' when it comes to these issues, use what makes you most comfortable

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    um, yea, i don't think that's really virgin....

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