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Why would a smart man fall for something called MARRIAGE?

After 1 year of marriage following will disappear.

(1) Sex

(2) Happyness

Following will appear

(1) House cleaing

(2) Stress

(3) Responsibility

(4) Brats

(5) Screaming of chick

(6) Getting fatter

With that said, why would a man will marry a chick for rest of his life? I refuse.

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    That's okay, no woman wants to marry you.

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    Actually, you'd only 'fall for' something like that if you're willing to devote to a life-long relationship. You see, it's not about house cleaning, stress, responsibility, and all of that, it's about finding someone you want to be with the whole rest of your life. Why would a man will marry a chick for rest of his life? Because of devotion.

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    If that is your perception towards marriage then let it be.. Stay single for the rest of your life. Marriage is not what you see, it shows how much you understand. Anyway, everyone thinks differently. And marriage is not for everyone. Obviously you can't take it. No point clarify it to you here. You haven't met your woman ;) Enjoy your life... CheersSsS

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    The same reason a smart woman will not fall for you!

    It goes 2 ways.....and you do not already clean your house? Or have stress? Or RESPONSIBILTIES right now? at least put a good debate up when you say something like that!

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    Married for 23 years, met my hubby when we were 17. Let me tell you some things definitely DO NOT disappear after marriage! They get better and better. You just have to find a woman who knows how to please you and in return, my male chauvinist friend, you must be able to please her. Than many blissful and exciting years will follow.

    I do feel really sorry for you. You obviously have not have much love in your life from anyone to be so jaded and unhappy.

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    Good point !But here is the alternative:

    clean your own house

    sit around bars and eat expensive greasy food

    getting fatter as well


    constantly looking for sex and worry about STD's

    Single's are not happy

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    Oh, wow...dude, my parents have been married for nearly 32 years. Not saying that's it always been smooth, but they're still in love and happy. I hope that someday you find someone that you can't imagine NOT spending the rest of your life with, and then you'll change your mind.

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    1 decade ago

    One day you will find that special person and not even think about the effects of marriage.

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    Also, why would a smart WOMAN bother getting married? She can survive without men, so why not do so?

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    You are obviously not a smart man. Grow up Mama's boy.

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