does anyone know where i can get replacement earbuds for my ipod nano?

i look online at places like best buy circuit city walmart whatever and all i get is speakers for ipods.....why cant i find these anywhere i bought some off ebay and i had to find an adapter to make them there some kind of special name for these things? someone please help!!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If u really want the buds.. then Walmart sells ipods so they r more likely to have them. I find the buds to be kinda annoying like they always fall out and kinda hurt... thats just me. I bought these ones that r gel for my ipod... they r squishy and dont hurt or fall out! I reccomend them... again Walmart under $10!

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    A lot of people who buy iPods have larger/better headphones already and they tend to "throw out" the included ear-buds.

    So it would be worth posting somewhere like Craiglist and just see if someone is willing to give you a pair for free in your area. Far too many of them probably end up in landfills as it is.

  • 4 years ago

    Ipod headphones are generally confusing to restoration yet wreck uncomplicated so i want to propose u purchase others. there is no longer something particular approximately ipod headphones. human beings merely like them because of the fact the traditional certainty that there actully are "ipod headphones" this excate comparable subject happend to me and that i merely went to wal-mart and bout a affordable pair of black sonys for roughly 10 dollors and merely the sound qualatie became noticably extra helpful. it additionally got here with a windup case and that they've been padded supply it a shot

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    It's a standard jack size, so you can use about any earbuds, or headphones that are not the larger 1/4" size. Try Radio Shack.

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  • 1 decade ago

    id go to ebay or the maker of ipods, or get some better ones from best buy or walmart or somethin,

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