I have a letter written 62 years ago and would like to frame it---any hints on preserving the paper?

Should I enclose the paper in glass?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I recommend acid free paper hinges with all acid free materials. If you do not wish to mat the letter there should be a spacer put between the the letter and the glass. Most people turn their noses up at poly or metal frames but this actually safer (and cheaper) for preservation. Wood "out gases" and forms an acid with moisture. Yes, glass the letter, and if money is not a concern then get anti glare glass as this will reduce ultraviolet light. Do not hang in direct sunlight and do not put a light directly over it. This can also damage the paper. Put bumpers on back of frame for air circulation.

    Source(s): I do conservation framing.
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    Take it to a pro I took mine to a professional framer for Moms quilt It cost me 200 but was worth every penny they also added a plaque and the letter on back when the quilt was done. It was awesome .Have never regretted the cost Now I have mom forever. Do not laminate the heat could destroy it.


    Source(s): 20 years of watching decor shows
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    There are wonderful stores that can help you preserve that letter.

    I have used several over the years for old photographs.

    Look for a framing shop in you phone book.

    Hope this helps.

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    Professionals ae best,but if you do it at home try to remove as much air as you can.Then put inert gas(argon)_ inside the frame and seal the sides with a caulkiing material.

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  • Laminate your letter, that will keep it preserved. Then frame it in glass.

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