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is gay sex is good or bad?

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    It's not a question of good or bad - it just IS. Some people are born with a strong desire to be intimate with people of the same sex and little or no desire for opposite-sex relations. When these people find each other and establish loving relationships, it can be a very beautiful thing. When gay people are driven by society's disapproval into a series of meaningless sexual adventures, then STDs become a problem, and that is just as bad as non-gay people having casual sexual encounters with people they do not love.

    It's not a choice; it's just the way about 5-10% of the population is born. It does not in any way threaten the non-gay population, nor does it mean that gay people make bad parents, bad employees, or bad neighbors. Judge gay people by who they are and what they contribute to society, not who they love.

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    Let start with these questions:

    1) Are you gay?

    2) Do you think about having sex with guys (I am assuming your a male)?

    3) Are you just curious?

    If you answered yes to any of these then its not a matter or is it good or bad its just a form of sex. We all have urges and desires and how we want to fulfill them. There is nothing abnormal about desiring gay sex. The problem is if you don't practice safe sex.

    ANY TYPE OF SEX, gay or straight, can lead to getting a sexually transmitted disease if proper protection is not used. You can find a lot of articles on the internet to better explain both gay sex and safe sexual practices.

  • Anonymous
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    all sex carries risk so for those who answered bad due to gay sex spreading viral infections, they need an update on reality since aids is mor eoften than not spread by heterosexual sex than gay sex.

    As to you question, sex can be good or bad depending on the techniques used and how adept the people doing it are at sex. Sometimes it is great, soemtimes it is okay and on occasion it leaves a lot to be desired. then, on occasion you have sex that is truely mind blowingly terrific and wind up spoiled forever.

    Oh, and it doesn;t matter whether it is gay or straight sex, sex is sex and it is good or bad depending on circumstances.

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    In my opinion everybody should be able to act as he prefers.

    Sexuality is a very strange and complicate affair and as we know it often can have different sides. Being hetero, homo, bi or lesbo don't mean to be good or bad! Everybody gets the own innate sexuality and should live it freely with no prejudices or duress.

    If you are gay live your sexuality with serenity and pride without thinking it's bad or abnormal!

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    Depends on whether you are gay or not.

    Personally I would say bad, but that's just because I'm not gay.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Dangerous! Higher risk of AIDS, but society tries to downplay this because of the stigma associated with gay sex.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I agree with Maple, the risks are the same as hetro ppl fooling around. Im homo and I don't plan on geting HIV or AIDS in my lifetime, as well as my uncle who is gay, he's 52 and still clean. I may know only one other who has HIV and well he's still cool.

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    That depends on who you talk to, I am sure if you ask around enough you will find your answer.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    If you're gay, it's good. If you're not gay, then it's sick.

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