Wats happenin' 2my comp?details here?

evrytime i go on thA internet and then check my mail my friends send me links to websites but wen i click on them thA internet gets frozen!!!then lik on this chat thingy u can hav a homepg i click on my vistors homepg then i clicked leave a messge it always get frozen!plz help


oh n when i go on youtube to watch my friendz blogs i try 2 mak it big it gets frozen too.is there ne viruses?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You have spyware on your PC. Try with a spyware scanner. I reccommend "spyware doctor". It's the best. Download the trial version from pctools.com and type following license numbers on it. Your problem will be no more. Thank you.You can also download it from download.com.

    License name:Magnolia CAbrera

    License number:7918-1652-DDAE-875C-90D4-3BFA-A6A0-232F-0CB4-3DB8

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