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My husband wants another child, but I do not, what should I do?

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    Tell him when he can pop a baby out he can have another one :). That is what I always tell my husband but I am JUST JOKING. Just be honest with him and tell him how you feel and explain why. It is a serious issue and if you are in doubt that is one really good reason for him to give it a second thought alone.

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    I am going through this right now with my husband of one year. I don't want kids and he does. Think about what your and his expectations were when you first got married or when he asked you to be his wife. Children are a big issue that are not discussed enough before marriage. This could be because it is generally expected that a wife will bear children. However, having a first child or more children has to be agreeable to both people in the marriage. If you feel strongly that you do not want another child (especially if you are the sole or primary caregiver staying at home and not working) then don't have another. Your husband needs to remember that when he asked you to marry him, he was choosing you first and everything else second. You both have to come first to each other. Think about whether or not your relationship is balanced and if you feel like an equal partner. If you are, your husband will respect your decision and pour all his love into you and the child you already have together. Good luck, I hope the best for you both.

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    I think that both of your opinions are important but yours is the ultimate one because you are the one that will be physically affected by the child. You will carry the baby; you might get morning sickness; you will deal with all of the (no so) lovely bodily changes that come with carrying...see what I mean? Will it affect your health negatively? Will you be the one mainly caring for the baby and how will that affect you? Just some things to think about!! I am not telling you to ignore your husbands opinion...but I think you have a little bit more influence when it comes to a decision of this magnitude!

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    I think that this is something that you definitely do not need to just go along with! You have to talk it out with your husband, not only could this cause problems in your marriage, but if you do have a child that is not wanted by you, then you could have resentment, or feelings of guilt later. I think that you should talk to him and work it out, it is your choice as well. I hope you can work it out for everyone!

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    I think a lot of men talk in numbers and dollar signs...I think I would stress the financial burden of another child, and the costs tied to it...clothes, a car, college, etc. You may even suggest that your not completely closed to the ideal, but that maybe later on down the road you may consider it...

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    you need to sit down with him and explain the reason why you don't want one, no one can tell you to have another one, its your choice. you have to do whats best for you and what your heart is telling you.and if its telling you not to have one then don't .because having another one when you don't want ii. is a mistake. and your feelings will be different toward the child. and they will pick up on it sooner or later. good luck.

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    Keep telling him about what you want but you must both remember marriage is a partnership. A one sided marriage is doomed in the long term.

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    tell him,when hes prepared to ad more $400,to the already allowance he gives you,when he pay a servant to help you in yr chores,and with child raring,and cooking,you may consider,,otherwise,.ask him to find a nother!

  • tell him SURE as long as this time you get to carry it around for 9 months, deal with mourning and nighttime sickness, and oh yea you get to go thruogh child birth!

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    i know how you feel, mine does too. but we had to sit down and i had to make him understand that we are the ones that have to carry it, deliever it and then basically do most of the care for it. and then you just have to tell him you dont feel like you can go through that again. tell him you love him but its just not what you want. if he loves you too and of course he does, then he will just have to understand and leave it alone. let him know there are too many other things you want to do with your life right now and he needs to understand that and support you. GOOD LUCK!!!

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