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Microsoft Powerpoint. HELP. Click for details.?

I have to do a project for one of my classes in school. I am going to make a powerpoint and I downloaded a different slide design from the Microsoft PowerPoint Website. If the computer in school that I have to present this Powerpoint on does not have the same slide design will it still show up or will it be just like a white background?

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    when you save it to a floppy disc or a saving device it will show up on a computer as it showed up on yours so it will show up once saved

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    I thihnk it will probably be just a white background since you downloaded it on your home computer. You could always use pictures as your background. example: If you are doing a project over Italy look up pictures of Italy on the web, save them to your computer then go to Format~Background~ then under the drop down box at the bottom select Fill Effects. Choose the picture tab then hit Select Picture.

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    i am not sure;

    but when doing presentations in school it is always a good idea to use the PACK and GO [under file];

    this should make sure that all your additional software and such is saved: including videos, music, templates, ect.

    read more about it here:http://www.virtualartroom.com/ppt_pack_and_go.htm


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