Can I put my T-Mobile SIM in any T-Mobile phone and it actually work?

I have a T-Mobile Sidekick 3. I recently broke the frame around the screen. T-Mobile doesn't offer physical damage insurance for Sidekick 3s. I now want a Blackberry Pearl, but don't want to have to purchase a new plan. Can I put my Sidekick SIM card into a Blackberry Pearl and the Blackberry work decently?

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    Yes it works. Don't let t-mobile find out though because they will add-on the balckberry plan to your account because its manditory for all blackberry users just like the sk3 plan

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    sure it particularly works. do no longer enable t-cellular discover out regardless of the indisputable fact that because of the fact they'll upload-on the balckberry plan on your account because of the fact its manditory for all blackberry purchasers in basic terms like the sk3 plan

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