What should I get my boyfriend for our 1 year anniversary?


He got a laptop and an Ipod for Christmas. I'm pretty sure hes taking me to a bed and breakfast. He likes photograpy and making montages. He really doesn't need anything, but I want to get him something or take him somewhere that he'll be able to use his passion for photograpy...but I don't know much about it. thankyou for all your input and advice. Happy New Year.

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    depends on what he's getting you. Buy something of the same vaule. like if he spends $5, I guess he's only saying that that's how much your love is worth =] [kidding]

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    CALENDAR of course ! He's a man ! He needs it to remember the anniversary next time. Write in it a week or two before the anniversary that the next anniversary is approaching.

    PS- and write in it your birthdate too, and an early warning of your approaching birthday, so he can have a chance to prepare. Its normal that men need that, and could make your relationship last better.

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    Make a CD with songs you dedicate to him, including your special song. Also, arrange a small photo collage of your photos together (Guys would never do it on their own, but he'll appreciate it. He can hang it in his room where he's sure to think of his love for you.).

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    Can you give a example what he likes?

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    lots of nudity (on your part)

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    Panties definately.

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