ok, hotmail is not being very nice, and i want to see if i can forward my emails to yahoo...?

I use incredimail for my e-mail because it is pretty.

I noticed this morning that my e-mails were not going out. when i read the little box, it says that I need to sign up for an upgrade. well, that just made me mad.

How do i forward all of my Hotmail to my Yahoo? Yahoo is great anyways. It is just that I have had my hotmail account since 1987.

There is not a pop address for hotmail, so I am asking for assistance, as I am not as good at this as I thought previously.

Thank you for your answers. :)


In my Yahoo email, it gives me a place to forward emails from another company. I have tried to do hotmail, but I don't know what to put in the blank... i was told that hotmail does not have a pop 3 server, what does it have and what do i put in that space instead of pop.hotmail.com...which is wrong?

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    I just switched a few months ago from hotmail to YA aso and what I had to do:

    go into each one and forward it to your new email. a pain in the you know what, (I had over 70+ emails to do and it too me a few hours over a few days) but now I have all my important emails

    as far as addresses I copied the whole page onto word perfect then attached to a email to get them to yahoo then entered each one

    this was the only way I could get it done...hope this helps.

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    Hotmail doesn't give you the option of forwarding your emails. You need to log into your account and send everybody in your address book your new yahoo account address. Check periodically to make sure you don't have any people that you forgot to contact. It automatically becomes a deactivated account after 3 months of non-activity.

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    Sadly when trying to use an mail client such as Incredimail or Outlook..... Hotmail and Yahoo no longer allow this unless you upgrade to a pay account! Sorry!

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    Yes, email everyone your new address once its set up then you can download a software for free called True Switch which will help everything be automatic. I dont have the site right this minute but google it. If you cant find it email me. Good luck.

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