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Which of the folowing is the leading cause of bacterial-induced blindness?




herpes simplex I

herpes simplex II

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    chlamydia is only bacteria among these.

    so it must be it.

    Chlamydia trachomatis infects eyes of new born babies.

    herpes simplex virus can also cause blindness, but it is very rare.

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    i would think that pseudomonas aeruginosa, neisseria gonorrhia, or possibly haemophilus influenzae biovar aegypticus would be more likely to cause blindness than even chlamydia trachomatis. pseudomonas can be contracted from washing contacts with tap water. neisseria and chlamydia are common in newborns from mothers with those infections. and haemophilus is communicable person to person. so take your pick. but those others in the question REALLY aren't bacteria. they all have the word "virus" in their names (HPV, HIV, HSVI, HSVII).

    Source(s): micro, pathogenic micro, and clinical micro
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