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Training to be a Pro Wrestler, Any Tips?

I recently started training to be a Pro wrestler.

If anyone here is/or in training can you give me any tips?

Any good advice/tips would be valuable.

For example. One of the guys I work with told me this.

That he wish the others would do.

After work outs/or matches that if you take your gear and put it in a zip lock bag then put it in your luggage it keeps your bag from smelling.

Any tips at all?


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    Here is a tip from a former wrestler.

    Train long and hard. Your body will thank you later for it when you take bumps. Also, if you have a video camera, practice doing mock interviews so you can get used to doing any TV work.

    Last, study as many others moves from both ends, you never know when a ******** promoter will tell you to either take one or give it.

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    a million. opt for a type 2. imagine of conceivable names and gimmicks 3. confirm on a finisher or perhaps perchance a bypass set 4. Get in structure 5. Get a superb seem, countless wrestlers seem solid at the same time as they have tattoos 6. connect a wrestling preparation college.

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    Put a lot of heart into this, also work out a lot, get into shape, start a new healthy diet that works for you, and good luck. Oh, and if you get to meet some respected wrestlers in the future, be as nice as possible and come up to them and talk to them, shake their hand, ask for advice, don't just sit there doing nothing, it shows that you don't respect them.

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    I would advise taking care of your body and inner health as well but I really want to say _ BE FIERCE!!! Don't be a DIVA be a wrestler, give it your all, push your limits and always think one step ahead of your oponent. Counters are important, get to know the wrestlers moves and come up with counter moves, Always try and leave yourself open for escape. Don't quit, be patient AND! Hit them hard. Good Luck to you!

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    Always watch ur diet. no matter how much you work out, no matter how much you lift, if you dont manage the nutrients in ur body, you'll get hurt and wont be able to recover as well!

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    Stretch out daily, stay fit, and get use to tight clothes

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    Train,Train,Train and Practise makes better.

    Source(s): wanna b a wwe superstar .
  • Try boxing first, then start on the kicks and punches.

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    stay fit and train

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    Get a life!!

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