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Trying to set up the same series to record across 2 channels on my DirecTV DVR Plus?

I just hooked up my new DirecTV DVR Plus with 100hr of recording time. I set up several series to record (i.e. Friends, Seinfeld, Frasier, etc.). However, the DVR is only recording the shows on the one channel that I chose to set up the rec. series feature. When I try to set up a new recording for the same show on another channel, it just tells me that it is already set to record the entire series. But it doesn't ever record a show on the other channels. Any help? I had no problems with my Samsung DVR with TiVo.

I have two active sat receivers working and recording two channels at once. There is no option for linking another channel to the same series. The recording is set up to record both first-run and repeats.

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    I too am using DirecTV DVR and really miss my TiVo.. there is nothing that compares. If you have everything set up correctly, and it looks like you do, you may want to contact DirecTV and ask them why it is not working the way you expect it to.

    Perhaps the DVR will not record the exact same episode that is already saved even though you have it setup for repeats, it may have a software setting that checks for redundancy. That is my only theory. I have only recorded first-run episodes or movies so I haven't had that experience yet.

    Good luck.

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    ok. suited suited me if i'm incorrect, yet you have 2 DVR's and 2 frequent receivers at your house of abode. that's a finished of 6 lines mandatory. persist with the two lines out of your dish to locate the multiswitch. the two lines will enter by way of one side and the OUTputs could be on the oppisite side. what number OUTputs do you have? It desires to be the two a 6x8 or 4x8. the 1st variety represents different INputs and the 2nd variety represents the OUTputs. There is additionally 2 3x4's besides. that's stated as stacking the switches. you may make beneficial 2 lines are working from an OUTput to the lower back of your receiver with a view to paintings. If it does, yet nevertheless won't paintings wisely, then you definately could call DTV and run in the time of the extensive troubleshooting technique.

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