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Is it moral to contribute to mom's life insurance?

Mom is in her mid 50's. She asked me to contribute money to her Life insurance so she can increase the amount her family would get in case of her death. Is it moral to do so?

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    well, there's nothing immoral about giving your mom money. I don't know why there would be a problem.

  • Nana
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    I really don't think Moral is the word. I guess she thinks if you are going to benefit from it she wants you to put into it. I don't think it is "Kosher". If "MOM" wants a certain amount of life insurance let her pay for it. All she really needs is enough to be buried. Anything else is extra. Why doesn't she just use a savings account and than that way she can use it if she needs it and when her time comes, anything left would be for family. I only have enough to bury myself and my husband. The plots and all burial is taken care of. If my kids want money, let them work and save. If you want to give her money and she puts in the bank for a rainy day, that's fine. But to ask you to give her money for her insurance policy so you will have more when she goes, is not right. I think MOM has a lot of nerve!!!

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    Yes it's moral. One, she is asking you to contribute. Two, life insurance is there for surviving family members to be able to carry on with thier lives and everything else that that deceased member of the family would have wanted. I don't think you need to worry at all.

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    Your mom is thinking of her family. Think about's the best way to leave her family money. The death benefit is tax free. There's nothing illegal or immoral about it. It could be considered by some as an investment in their family's future.

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    I don,t know about moral. She may be worried that there is'nt

    the funds for her funeral. Also she may not be in a situation that

    she can afford to pay out every week for insurance. So, if her

    next of kin can help, it would allay her worries. Also any money

    that is left over would go to them. It is something that needs to

    really be talked about and sorted before anything should happen.

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    The moral dilemma? There should be none. Death is part of life and it's always a good thing when we look after the interests of our family after we pass. The question here is, "Is it okay to contribute to her policy so the family can get more? If so, then what measures is your mother taking to prevent in fighting after she passes and relatives begin to state how much they contributed.Call me crazy, but those were my observations last year when my grandfather passed. I have a policy, but it's only to pay for my funeral expenses,my debt (including my house), and leave some $$ to be invested for my son's college (executed by a trustee-my bank.)When I die I am not making anybody rich.

    On your mother's end, I consider it very bad taste to have her children "invest" in their future after she passes by contributing to her life insurance. If she wants to leave you with more money then she should pay her premiums herself as a token of her love.If she couldn't afford her funeral expenses and she didn't want her children to inherit her debt, then I could understand asking the family (heirs) to help with her premiums.

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    There's nothing wrong with this at all. Your Mom is a very generous woman to offer her family the opportunity to increase an inheritance. Don't get hung up on this if you're okay with it. What other people think is irrelevant.

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    Whether it's "normal" or not should not be the ?. If you want to do that you may. It'll get you more money when the time comes, but that's about the only benefit.

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    No, nothing immoral about it. Live insurance is for the living...

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    She asked. Just set up an auto-payment. Don't get squeamish about it. Believe me, there are worse things to go through as she gets older. Don't let that shut you down.

    It's still up to you, so if she starts talking smack, just cut her off.

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