Does anyone have telemarketing scripts and rebuttals for selling ad space that are really effective?

I sell several different things business to business ad space in newspapers for one,and ad space in a guide for rest. any strong rebbuttals would be appreciated from all different telemarketing sells people

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The best way to find exactly what you want is to call in the Sunday newspaper under the classified ads(obviously for companies hiring for the same thing you do). Ask to speak with the manager or owner and ask him to email or fax you a copy of the script and rebuttals. Some will, some won't. But if you're nice, people usually like to be ''helpful''. And you can go online and get newspaper classified ads from all the major cities. Soon you will have more paperwork than you know what to do with. Good luck. P.S.- The tone and inflection are just as important(actually more important) than the words. In other words, how you say it matters as much as what you say . So be strong and take control of the customer. Use urgency to sign them up today.

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