My 14 week old beagle has dewclaw on both rear paws. Is this a major surgury?

How dangerous is this for my puppy (vet wants to do the removal when puppy reaches 6 months) What should this procedure cost and should I demand that the pet store pay for it? (they insisted they got the dog from a "reputable breeder." I just got the pup 6 days ago.)

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    No pet store get dogs from REPUTABLE breeders. They get them from puppy mills. Have the dewclaws removed at the time he is neutered. The pet store will not pay for it since it is not a medical condition. It is cosmetic.

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    Most dogs keep their dewclaws. The danger is that the dog will snag the dewclaw on something and cause it to tear away. A beagle is a hunting dog, so his instinct is to run and chase game through some rough brush. If your dog is going to be a house dog, it's not a big problem.

    It is not major surgery at all, but should be done before the puppy get too old. It's easier when they are young. Maybe your vet suggested 6 months because that's the age that many pups are neutered. It could be done at the same time.

    The pet store will not pay for this. Their idea of a "reputable breeder" is a farm in kansas or some other state where dogs are caged for most of their lives while they produce puppies like chickens laying eggs.

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    The dewclaws can easily be removed by your vet when the puppy is spayed or neutered. The dewclaws don't have to be removed- it's only done for aesthetic reasons and breed standards. The only potential problem you can have with having rear dewclaws is that the nail doesn't hit the ground and wear down on it's own, so it easily can become overgrown into the paw pad (ouch!). But regular nail trims will prevent that problem. Vets charge different amounts but I would expect the removal to be an additional 40-75 bucks if done at the same time as the spay/neuter. I don't think you can demand that the pet store pay for it- the breeder may be reputable but just chooses not to remove the dewclaws as a personal preference and it's not a medical problem.

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    Yes...a dog should have their claws removed at six months...and plus its a really sensitive area to a dog...and when its neutered they should have them removeed then...and not at such an earlier area...and its about 1000 and no you cant have the pet store pay for it...causes its no illness or death or emergency to its health

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    Nah its not. Dont worry he'll wake up. vets no wat there doin. My daddys a vet so ya i no. Wish him all the best love me.

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