Portland to Seattle trip?

sunday driving to seattle I-5. anything interesting along the way? a place to get out and stretch for a few minutes.i do rest stops and coffee.

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  • Pichi
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    1 decade ago
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    Absolutely, if you can take the time, go to Mt. St. Helens!!

    Will take 2-3 hours to do it, but well worth it.

    As far as stops along the way, There are a number of places.

    There are rest areas, which as mentioned have free coffee, and the rest areas also have wifi (free for their site, pay to go to any other sites). Check a map as far as rest areas as you near Olympia and Seattle, because there is just one through the entire metro area (Olympia to Marysville) going north, and none in that section going south.

    There is the Three Rivers Mall right off of I-5 to the west at Kelso. Many of the cities have commercial areas just off the freeway that have restuarants and coffee shops.

    If you see a "Cruisin Coffee", stop! They are drive through, but have great coffee, and good sandwiches as well!!

    Source(s): Frequently drive Vancouver BC to Eugene and back.
  • 1 decade ago

    they do have rest stops along the way. some of them might have free coffee. but i think your best bet would be to stop off in a town along the way. i wouldn't trust the 'free' coffee

  • yumyum
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    1 decade ago

    Mount St. Helens!! The weather is supposed to be nice this weekend, so why not stop at the Visitor's Center and enjoy the scenic views and fresh air. :-)

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