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Calling ALL Liberal Political Geniuses ?

What EXACTLY PREVENTS you from understanding that Saddam was executed by IRAQIS for MASS MURDER ??

And I know that some of you get it, but did you ever in your life EXPECT to see this GIANT outpourring of DENIAL by soooo many fellow Liberals ? I'm seriously thrown for a loop on this one.. ... . . I disagree with the Liberal outlook everyday on most issues, not all, but .. ... . . .. .How in the World has this happened ???

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    The same thing that prevents you from understanding that if we killed Saddam Hussein, we should have taken on Pinochet, the Rwandan president, Kim Jong and George Bush. Yes. I said George Bush. He lied about Saddams WMD, and his link to Al Queda. As a result, tens of thousands of Americans and Iraqi soldiers and civilians lost their lives because of his lie.

    If it is okay for us to go out and wipe out another countries government because we think it is "cruel", theoretically, Canada or any other country who hates Bush could Justify a takeover of the United States and oust Bush.

    The United states, as powerful as they are, has NO right to play God and the conquerer. It's dangerous and foolish.

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    Heres One! 158 and 168,on either test and ex mensa .

    Liberal or Conservative is a term used by those who want dogma and jingoism to try and push emotions over facts and is a peremptory statement to limit debate!

    Heres' a conundrum for you, I am a staunch Constitutionlist, believing it is the most Liberal governing document ever written, belong to more so called Conservative groups than many in Yahoo dialogues, along with what most conservaitves of today cal Liberal Organizations and with dialectics as a debate tactic I wonder, as some other persons do why am I wasting my time .

    Oh yes, being a practical conservative, now I know 2 points!

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    You have to understand the liberal way of thinking. They would let thousands of Americans die in an attack if they knew they could use it to gain power. They do not care about good news. They do not care about the happy Iraqis in America and Iraq. All they want is power. Communistic power.

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    Did you see the liberal's post about BUSH killing Saddam? What a joke.

    Saddam raped and murdered people for fun and now he has been punished. What is so hard to understand about that.

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    No one should answer this

    liberal political geniuses don't exist.

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    why do you want to put a title to the people??????


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