Why all the racism?

Before I get started, I want to clear up any racial thoughts that people may have in their heads. On my mother's side, we have black and white. My dad's side we have german and jewish (What a mix!). And I am engaged to a hispanic man. I have no problem with race!

Why is racism still such a part in our society? When crimes are committed in our communities, I find it sad that we have to see if race was a reason or we try to make it appear so.

What hurt the most was seeing my home town (New Orleans) devestated by hurricane Katrina. What hurt even more was all the racial things Nagan said reqarding race in his city. Did he not see that there were blacks, whites, latinos, etc. caught there too?

On Fox the other day, I saw a supremist saying that they need to rid themselves the the white devil.

Don't even get me started on the Gaede twins.

What about people like me that feel no bad feelings towards them? Will I still be in the racist white catagory regardless of my desire to erase racism?


I think it's really interesting that someone had to tell me what my fiancee is lol He says he's hispanic. . . Are you truly going to argue with the man and tell him he's something else?

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    I am sorry what happened to you in New Orleans and I hate how the news media always tell half the story. I agree that all nationalities of people were affected by hurricane Katrina, but the news media want to make it seem like that only the Blacks were affected so that this piece of info would stir up trouble. Don't worry I wouldn't call you a racist. Have a peaceful day

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    I dont think im racist but some people ,i just have things against them, but i think the people around promote it even if they dont try to. As for everyone else i believe its because of groups such as the KKK and smaller ones. Family problems , etc. Theres so many factors that every person has their own story, all we can do is try to help which might overturn their thoughts but everyone at least should try to get their own thought clear

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    If you're so against prejudice why do you label all hispanics as "hispanic race" as if the fact that you was born in Latin America makes you non-white, even if you are? Do you think white Latin Americans are second class whites? You boyfriend is not from the "hispanic race", probably he is a mestizo. That's his race.

    Source(s): Know more about us: http://www.whitehispanic.com/the%20facts.htm
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    I don't like racism.

    But then I don't like competitive sports any any kind.

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