What Is This In E-Mail Compose time , CC:- BCC Under Subject line...?

To :-

Subject :-

CC :- ??????????????

BCC :-?????????????



Whts Longform Of CC/ Bcc

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    CC - Carbon copy -- send the same email to all of the recipients and allow them all to see eachothers email address.

    BCC - Blind Carbon Copy -- Sends the same email to everyone, but hides any emails that are listed in the bcc field.

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    In the old days of typewriters, CC means carbon copy and bcc means blind carbon copy.

    So if you wrote a letter to someone and you wanted to send a copy to someone else, at the bottom of the page you would put

    cc: Someone Else (name of the person)

    If you wanted to send someone else a copy but you didn't want the person the letter is addressed to to know that you sent it to someone else, you would put

    bcc: Someone Else (name of the person)

    on a separate page and send it along with a copy of the letter, but you wouldn't send a copy of the bcc page to the origional recipient.

    With e-mail its the same thing. The original recipient can see a cc recipient, but not a bcc recipient.

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    Having CC (carbon copy) and BCC (blind carbon copy) is essential for my business (and personal)

    email. These two features allow me to communicate appropriately to colleagues, family, and workers who

    come to my home in both a straightforward and confidential way -- when necessary. It also allows me

    to send myself a copy without having to search through my sent folder.

    PLEASE return the screen -- that offered these options - to YAHOO. These options save me time and

    money -- or possibly unwanted and unnecessary questions.

    PS: for the Millenials: Those of us of a certain age actually used carbon paper (aka CC or BCC) when we typed letters. For today's environment, perhaps changing to "C" and "BC" would be more acceptable.

    Those days are gone, but the acronyms are OK as is.

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    CC - is "carbon" copy

    BCC is "blind copy" --- when you a group mailing and want to send a copy to someone else, but do not want the group to know you also sent this one, send it as a BCC, no one else will see that this copy has been sent

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    CC: means Carbon Copy you send email to certain people and keep copy for yourself,and Block CC: means Block Carbon Copy to only people you want to see email, the people will not see who else you sent the email too.

    Source(s): from Yahoo mail options
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    cc is carbon copy but i dont know wat bcc is

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