Does Anyone Have Info on a Dodge Intrepid Class Action Law Suit?

TRAGICALLY, I own a 2002 Intrepid "POS". I just installed a 2nd transmission at 100,000 miles in Oct. 06 (1st one at 73,000 miles in Dec 04), a new computer in Nov. 06 and now I've gotta drop in another 2.7L engine (Dec 06) because the original one just blew. This is just a glimpse of the repairs I've had to do since 2003. My mechanic was tipped of to a possible class action law suit against Dodge. Does anyone know anything about this or how to join up?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    No formal suit, but talk of one...

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Being afraid isn't usually grounds for a lawsuit. type movements are acceptable for lawsuits while many plaintiffs are fairly further suited and there are little variations between them. while it is composed of emotional stability that's maximum usually no longer actual. Then there is the question of no be counted if the type could desire to instruct that every physique had accomplished something incorrect. Being harmed isn't grounds for a lawsuit. Being harmed by utilising unlawful or negligent movements is grounds for a lawsuit. besides the undeniable fact that, america had acceptable permission for the flight and consequently did no longer something incorrect. besides, there is the full subject of sovereign immunity.

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