WHat does it mean when you have a sharp pain in your chest?

It only happens once in awhile and yesterday it was like it all day but only when i breath in deeply. It feels like i got a cramp in my chest and it continues into my shoulder in my back. What is this?

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    are you short of breath?are you coughing up green phlegm?do you have a fever?if so,u have a chest infection.However if u are short of breath,might or might not have pain in the calves.you have been on a plane flight in the last 2 weeks and/or have a family history of blood clots on the lungs or the legs,it might be a blood clot on the lungs.You need to go to Ed for the latter and your family practitioner for the chest infection.Hope this helps.

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    Had that a few weeks ago. I went to the hospital because it would not go away. Ended up being acid relux/heartburn. I am on Protonix and have no more chest pains. If it continues see a doctor.

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    sounds like bad heartburn..it usually travels to the left side..at least i think thats what it is..ive definitely had that before tho..

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