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How can I get a Maltese Poodle puppy in Houston, TX?

I realize, of course, I can always order online but I don't want to do that. I looked for breeders, etc. but failed to find a suitable one. And, shelters generally don't get Maltese and/or Maltese Poodle puppies that often. So, in essence, I am looking for places to go in Houston, TX where I can buy or adopt a Maltese or Maltese Poodle after seeing the puppy with my own eyes...

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    If you go to petfinder.com and plug in your zip code number and the breed you want - you can, "see it with my own eyes." I found a Border Collie 200 miles away that seemed perfect! They had several pictures of her on-line, and I spoke with the shelter people several times. The day before our blizzard here I drove the miles to pick her up. She has now been house-trained in 1 day - and with 2 feet of snow outside. Dogs seem to know when you have "saved" them, and it's usually the people who abandon them who have the problems. They don't know how to be good owners!

    You'll have a dog that will love you for life - and just think how good you'll feel that you rescued him / her. My last 3 dogs have been shelter dogs. I did have one I had to take back before them. Shelters will take them back. My mistake was thinking if I went and physically "saw" the dog, it would work out better. Dogs are not themselves when in a shelter. Some of those dogs I first thought of as "surly," or "nervous," were the best dogs at home. They just hated the shelter environment!

    The shelter people can tell you a lot about their behavior, because they understand the breeds and have been handling them in different situations, such as bathing, medical care, etc.

    Please reconsider adopting a shelter or humane society dog! Thousands die every year.

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    A lot of the better breeders tend to advertise in classifieds. make sure they're registered with the American Kennel Club...it makes a BIG difference in the quality.

    A Maltese-Poodle would be a mix-breed...good luck finding that.

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    People be selling them at some flea markets, in your local trader papers. I happened upon my Maltese poodle.

    They are very smart, and jealous.

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    keep an eye out on the classifieds and if you are willing to drive check out the classifieds in other near by cities

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    go to a local pound or pet breeder

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