im 38wks was dialated to a 2 yesterday morning had contractions all night some strong and my plug fell out?

when is the best time to go to the doctor it now has been 24hrs since the drs appointment but im still miserable i dont know when to go in or just sit and wait till i go to the dr on tues the 2nd

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    It won't be long now. Everyone is different of course, but when your contractions are consistant and coming every 5-10 minutes, I would go to to the hospital. (How far are you from the hospital? If you are not very close, you might think about heading that way before they get that close together!)

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    Honestly, the plug thing is no big deal. It is not a reason to call anyone or rush to the hospital (unless you're a long ways from your due date). All it means is that the plug fell out. And since the cervix continues to make mucous, it will continue to leak out. You should go to the hospital when:

    --Contractions are uncomfortable, getting stronger and happen every 5 minutes for at least an hour

    --You think your water has broken

    --You are bleeding anything that looks like a period

    --The baby is not moving

    Early labor (from 0-3 cm) can last a LOOOOONG time (like a couple of days). The best thing to do is to take a warm bath, walk around a little, eat lightly. When the contractions really kick in (you'll know), then go to be checked.

    Source(s): I'm a labor and delivery nurse
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    You need to stay active, but dont exhaust yourself.

    Call you OB and let them know you passed your plug, they will have instructions for you like, dont take a bath, shower instead, and dont have sex (in most cases) to prevent the posibility of infection.

    Measure your contractions from start to start. When one contraction starts click on a stop watch, or count the second hand on a clock, that contraction will end, you will have a rest period, and another will start. When that second one starts, stop the stop watch. That is the contraction length. When they are 5 minutes apart and remain that way for atleast an hour without lightening up, then you know its time to call you OB and head for the hospital.

    You can have all sorts of really long hard painful contractions, its when they get intense and close together that you know its time to go. Or if your water breaks.

    Otherwise you just stay home and wait for your appointment. They will check you then for progress. It takes a lot of early labor a lot of the time to finish effacing and dilating.

    Kitkat actually has the best answer in this posting.. lol. If you can type on the computer its not time. :)

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    Always put a call in to your OB when you are in situations like this. OB may want to check you, or have hospital check you, and if you are not at the stage to be hospitalized then they will ease your mind at what is going on and you can do whatever they suggest to get the ball rolling along faster. You don't want to be embarrassed by going too soon, but these things happen all the time. Nurses and Dr.'s are so used to ppl coming in just be checked, and hey, you don't want to deliver in your bathroom, right? Good Luck!

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    Most likely, the doctor will send you home if you go in before your water breaks. It is probably Braxton-Hicks contractions, and losing the mucus plug before actual deilvery is quite normal. If the contractions are steady and frequent, you need to go to the doctor. Otherwise just relax, and enjoy the last few days you can, and definatly sleep. Sleep is rare after the child is born. Good luck!

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    I was dilated @2 for 3wks. but when my dr checked he said i was losing fluid around the baby.I delivered my son less then 24 hrs later. please call your dr. and let him know. as for the contractions , it is not Braxton hicks. I delivered my first 10 days early. my second I was shopping and would get a cramp here and there. i went home called dr. he said "your in labor ", come in! drink alot of water if ur dehydrated you have to wait for ur epidural

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    I called my doctor at 38 weeks and begged to be induced. I was already 3 cm. The doctor could tell how miserable I was and scheduled me the next day. If you really want to have this baby now then just call.

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    Everyone is different but generally speaking a woman will lose her mucous plug about 2 weeks before delivering.

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    I would definitely go to the hospital and have it checked out. If your plug has fallen out and you have had contractions all night, it definitely sounds like you are in labour.

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    I think if your feeling crappy, and not sure what to do than you should go. Even if just to put your mind at ease.

    It's better to be safe than sorry, right?

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