A little help with PSP,pleaseee !!!?

I just bought an PSP,I downloaded many games,songs and screenshots.I really think that I am "fall in love" with my PSP !!!

Oneday,I download a software for games into my PSP and by activating it,I can set my favorite screenshot as the wallaper.It's really kooooool !(I can listen to the music without closing the wallaper of that screenshot !)

But I want to set my favorite screenshot as the wallaper by a faster way cuz if I want to set a screenshot as a wallaper I have to activate the software of the game,It's to slooow and requires a long time !!!

Any ideas to set a screenshot as a wallaper faster (I want to listen to the music while the wallaper is still on !!!)

Answer this question for me pleaseee !U 're a great help !!! (^.^)

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    1 decade ago
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    Well, I'e never heard of that kind of software... you have PSP Media Manager? Well, the only other way, but you can't listen to music during the process, is if the screenshot is in the photos folder. Select a photo you want to set as the wallpaper. If it is not a widescreen photo, you know, if there are white empty spaces on the screen , then you can press the triangle button to bring up a menu. There is a weird looking rectangle with lines around it. Press that and the PSP will set the zoon size to fit the width of the photo tp the screen. From there, you can use the analog stick to scroll the photo and when you have the screen set at what part of the image you want, press triangle and select the "set *** wallpaper" icon. From there, the process will only take a split second. It's fast, easy, and efficient, but you can't listen to music while you're doing it. Have fun, I know how it is to have a new PSP and all these features. If you want to learn more about them, visit my website, www.freewebs.com/courtoreillejm. Select the news & information link and find the entry for PSP.

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