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l word season 4 cast?

Is anyone else dissapointed in the casting for season 4? I think they could've found some way hotter chicks! lol.

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    love the show !!! season 4 hasn't started here yet >>> HAS IT?? [[ USA]] I was disappointed that they killed Dana off!! and whats up with Max?? cant think of any one more ugly as she (he) whats going on is all the regulars still on ??? cant wait till it starts again,,, I've got ON DEMAND and have been watching last seasons all over again

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    Laurel Holloman is quoted as being bi. And, I examine an editorial quite a few years in the past and observed an interview (in the previous The L word) the place Mia Kirshner implied that she replaced into bi to boot. As for Daniela Sea, I examine something the place she says she does not close herself off to easily being lesbian, in spite of the incontrovertible fact that she has been and is in an LTR with a girl. Katherine Moening has been caught way too many instances in intimate circumstances with women human beings to easily be heterosexual. There are easily photos on the internet. And, something as before stated... P.S. Oops, i did not somewhat answer your question, did I? I see you're searching for Lesbians purely. Sorry :(

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    I think the cast is just perfect. They can put just pretty women, they have to be realistic. Besides the new girls are very pretty, Cybil Shepperd, Kristana Loken, etc. And Marina is coming back!

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